My Dream Home

Photo courtesy of stjude.org

My husband and I are entering a drawing to win this house. His mother suggested we enter. The money goes to a good cause, so even if we don’t win the house or the other prizes, none of us will feel it has been wasted.

But it got us thinking last night: what would we do if we won?

This “dream home” is more than 3 times the size of our current house and worth about 4 times as much, monetarily speaking. There is a lot about winning that is appealing: we could pull both cars into the garage, we would have the extra space we’ve wanted for “someday,” and we wouldn’t have a house payment anymore. It was fun to think about the possibility of being the recipient of such an amazing prize.

But it also made me appreciate our current house. In so many ways I already have my dream home. My house my not be the biggest house, or even the nicest, but it’s filled with the people and things I love most. Jason and I (but mostly Jason) have spent the last 3 and half years fixing it up until it has become everything we envisioned it could be. It has plenty of space for the two of us, and enough room leftover for the little one on the way.

So if we win the St. Jude home on June 27, we’ll be excited. We will most definitely move and take advantage of the blessing a debt-free $380,000 house would be. But if we don’t win, we’ll still be content, because we already have a home we love. How could we be anything but grateful for that?


One thought on “My Dream Home

  1. I love your house, you guys have done such a great job with it! I could tell it is most definitely filled with love and the little man that's about to move in will fill it up even more! Can't wait!!

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