Our Newest Adventure: Master’s Comission

As of last month, Jason and I are the directors for our church’s Master’s Commission program. In fact, the former director announced his resignation the Sunday morning we were in the hospital having Caleb. Given those two new responsibilities – Master’s (which is huge) and parenting (maybe a little huge-er) – we’ve had a whirlwind of a month.

If you don’t know, Master’s Commission is a discipleship program for post-high school students. It combines classroom-style learning with hands-on ministry experience in the church, all within the framework of a small community that lends itself to accountability.

Many have asked us if we’ve resigned our position as youth pastors for the church. We have not. Granted, youth ministry may look a little different for us come this fall. We’ll have to delegate things to others more, but the two jobs should work together well.

Please pray for us as we take on this new challenge. Neither Jason or I attended Master’s Commission ourselves, and with a new school year starting in less than two months, we’re jumping in with both feet. Pray that God gives us wisdom in discipling the students he entrusts to us, and that the passion that is growing in our hearts for this program would continue to increase and fuel our desire to run this race with excellence.


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