100 Things I love: Part 1

1. kissing my husband

2. thunder storms
3. scenic drives
4. Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream
5. Caleb’s teeny-tiny toes

6. fireworks
7. The Phantom Tollbooth
8. my memory foam mattress
9. knowing how to drive a stick shift car
10. gerber daisies
11. hot coffee
12. living in a small town
13. the Indianapolis Colts
14. wrapping presents

15. m&ms
16. snow days
17. e. e. cummings
18. owning a home

19. licking the beaters
20. Redeeming Love
21. painted toenails
22. sending or receiving a hand-written letter
23. making homemade bread

24. going barefoot
25. Old Spice commercials


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