100 Things I Love: Part 2

see Part 1 here

26. the first grilled-out meal of the summer
27. being a stay-at-home mom

28. tea rooms
29. worn-out blue jeans
30. when Jason lets his face get scruffy

31. that breastfed babies don’t have stinky poop
32. sleeping in
33. wearing pearls

34. beachfront hotels
35. fall leaves that crunch under your feet when you step on them
36. living close to family
37. my wedding ring
38. when the clerk offers to carry my groceries to the car for me
39. Java-chip frappacinos
40. my Rachael Ray Furi knives
41. seeing Caleb smile at his daddy
42. my orientation shirt from my first week of college (it’s so soft!)

43. Christmas music
44. Mary Kay
45. My great-grandma’s cornbread dressing
46. having a copy of the entire Bible in a language I can read and understand
47. $5 Hot-n-Ready pizzas from Little Caesar’s
48. fantasy football

49. Sharpie pens
50. falling asleep to a Nascar race on a Sunday afternoon


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