He’s not for sale!

I had a garage sale yesterday, and said this about a hundred times yesterday about Caleb. He was quite a hit among the young moms and retired folks that have the freedom to go garage sale-ing on a Friday.

I have already made more money than I had anticipated. It’s probably not enough to justify having a garage sale all by myself, but since I did it with my mother-in-law, and not at my house, it was an easy way to make a little bit of money. And Jason’s mom and I had a good time together yesterday.

Thinking about the money I made at the sale, it amazes me what people will spend their hard-earned dollars on. For example, Sharon put out a homemade fabric cat (more than a little disturbing, if you’ve never seen one of these; they’re prevalent here in the Ozarks), just to see if anyone would buy it. Personally, I would me much more willing to pay someone to take that kind of stuff away from me, than I would ever expect someone to buy an item like that. But about the middle of the day, some older lady gave us a quarter for it. Incredible.

We sold some other surprising things:
– a pair of creepy singing bears I got as a wedding gift
– an afghan that looked a lot like several potholders sewn together
– lots of shoes (maybe I’m the only one that is surprised by this; other people’s feet disturb me too much for me to ever want to buy used shoes)
– a light-up star Christmas decoration that was in a very beat-up box

Watching other people cart away things I no longer cared about felt so good that I almost wanted to get rid of all my possessions and live in a shed. (Don’t laugh; there are some really nice ones at Lowe’s.) But oddly enough, when the money burning a hole in my pocket at the end of the day, I didn’t get rid of anything; I went out and bought more stuff:
– Two hats for Caleb
– $5 t-shirt from Aeropostale
– Fishing lures (okay, Jason bought these not me)

Do you have too much stuff? Have a garage sale! Make sure it’s a good one by following Crystal’s tips here. And if you need motivation to get rid of your things, Rachel has a great post here on why having too many belongings makes them all less special. (Maybe I need to read it again!)

Have a great labor day weekend!


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