100 Things I Love: Part 3

Part 1, Part 2

51. my knock-off Prada purse
52. that I can vacuum my whole house without unplugging the vacuum cleaner
53. The Poisonwood Bible
54. wearing scarves
55. the sunroof in my car

56. decorative file folders
57. Diet Coke
58. folding laundry that’s still warm
59. having the right to vote
60. camping
61. solving a Rubick’s cube
62. going to the library

63. the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven
64. checking the “Mrs.” box of the salutation field on a survey
65. Frog and Toad books
66. Bravado nursing designs
67. using coupons
68. sweatpants
69. watching “This Old House”
70. authentic Greek gyros
71. getting a scrapbook page just right
72. shampoo that smells good
73. living in a country where everyone can receive an education
74. Thanksgiving
75. reading to Caleb


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