I gave up on "I’ll get it done someday."

I’ve had a lot to think about lately after reading Rachel’s post on giving up on an old hobby. It intrigued me, because over the years I’ve had a lot of hobbies that haven’t necessarily stayed with me. As a seven-year-old, there was nothing I enjoyed more than going to the nature store at the mall so I could spend my hard earned money on a new piece of obsidian or jasper to add to my rock collection. I even had a rock bingo game. Seriously. It had pictures of different types of rocks, and I played it all the time. But I outgrew that.

But as an adult, I’m finding I can still outgrow hobbies as I experience new things, and my tastes change. But once you’ve invested time, money, and resources into learning something new, it can be hard to admit that it no longer interests you.

I’m telling you this because I’m afraid I may be losing an interest in scrapbooking. That’s a little hard for me to admit, because it’s been an enjoyable hobby for me over the years. And I think I’ll still finish Caleb’s scrapbooks. However, I think it’s high time I stop lying to myself and realize that I will never finish the scrapbook from my trip to Greece.

I spent a semester in Greece when I was in college. But that’s been more than four years ago. When I was cleaning out our office closet last fall, I found bags and bags of postcards and flyers and ticket stubs and stickers that I’d been hanging on to for that illusive day when I would start the scrapbook. But as much as I want to preserve my memories of that trip, keeping all those bags of junk doesn’t make me feel good about my time in Greece. It just makes me feel guilty that I haven’t done anything with them.

So I’ve decided to not do a scrapbook. Instead, I’ve spent the last few days carefully choosing 200 pictures and drawings that best tell the story of my time there. I put them in a photo album last night, and as soon as I caption the photos, I’ll be finished. It feels good to know that I’ve finally preserved the memories of what was one of the most adventurous times in my life. And it was fun to relive that trip without spending months pouring over layout after layout.

Like I said, I’m not sure I’m ready to totally say goodbye to scrapbooking. But I enjoyed making this photo album so much, this may be the beginning of the end.


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