Holidays · Marriage

To the two best men I know:

This is my daddy:

He was and still is a fantastic dad. He made me scrambled egg sandwiches when I didn’t feel good. He taught me how to parallel park. He painted my toenails and french-braided my hair. And he showed me, by his own example, what to look for in a husband.

I am so thankful that he did.

Because now there is another daddy in my life. This guy:

He makes diaper changes the most fun part of the day. He takes us for drives when we’re getting a little stir-crazy. He is strong enough to give swift discipline when it’s needed, but loving enough to always give hugs and kisses afterward. He provides for our family. He’s happy to come home to us every evening, and we’re even happier to have him there.

I am so glad he’s my babies’ daddy.

Happy Father’s Day to my two favorite dads!


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