Doing Life

Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day with my husband’s dad. After a delicious meal of lasagna, spinach salad, and a layered jello dessert, we poured some coffee and started to relax. A few of the boys were headed outside, and my father-in-law was getting ready to sit down on the couch, when my mother-in-law hollered “Papa, don’t sit down – we’re doing life right now.”

After she said it a couple more times, I eventually realized what she meant: Don’t sit on the couch and watch TV when we have a chance to enjoy our family and this beautiful day that God has given us.

So we went outside. Jason pushed Caleb on the swing, and I pushed our nephew Hudson. My brother-in-law and his wife sat on a porch swing watching. Afterwards, we all went for a walk. It was a perfect summer evening, and perfect way to spend Father’s Day. At least I think it was. I’m not a father, so I guess my opinion on how you should spend Father’s Day is not the most important.

But regardless of how we spend our next Father’s Day, I want to take time to spend ever other day “doing life.”


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