Art in the everyday

“As humans, we crave to create. It is one of those traits that separate us from other earthlings.”Putting Up, 21-22

I don’t know how you feel about it, but creating is most definitely something I crave. In college, I majored in English, and had opportunities to not only partake in the the works of many other great artists, but to create plenty myself. I love to write. But I didn’t stop there – I studied lots of other creative outlets, too: architecture, altered books, graphic design, ballet – and I had such a blast learning all of those things.

Sometimes I wish that I were still in school. That I could take a class that would–by nature of graded assignments and deadlines–force me to be more creative. Because creativity isn’t something you either have or don’t have. Creativity is something you cultivate. If you’re not feeling creative, it’s probably because you haven’t created anything in awhile. The inverse is also true: the more you create, the more creative you’ll likely feel.

Sometimes, though, other things vie for our attention, and creating gets pushed to the back burner. Because it feels like an extra-curricular activity. A non-essential. Whereas putting dinner on the table or getting the clean towels folded absolutely must be done.

I read an excellent piece yesterday on 10 ways to make art in less than an hour. But honestly, sometimes even that feels like too much. On those days, I think it’s essential to find the moments of creativity in what we are already doing.

Today, I did not write a novel, or paint a picture, or knit a scarf.

But I did make my bed – not as a chore, but to make my bedroom a little more beautiful.

I ate a slice of delicious bread that I made myself.

And I put on my pearls.

How did you find art in your everyday life today?


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