Surviving a week without the man of the house

This guy is pretty great. I mean, with a sombrero like that, how could he not be?

This week, my wonderful, sombrero-ed husband is in Honduras, and the boy and I are holding down the fort. Being alone has forced me to do things a little differently around here. Here are a few of the ways I’m getting by during this short season:

Have a plan for every day
When I know Jason is going to be home at five, I can just hang on, killing time until then if I’m having a bad day. But last night, (and tonight, and tomorrow) I didn’t have that luxury. So it helps if I have a few activities planned to occupy the time. Saturday we went on a day trip. This evening, we’re going swimming. Having those plans in front of me helps me to focus on the small things – just getting to whatever is next – instead of being overwhelmed with the idea of trying to get through nine entire days alone.

Ask for help.
This is a hard one for me. I tend to think I can, or should be able to do everything myself. But I am blessed to have a great church family and three sets of grandparents who are more than willing to feed me, take Caleb off my hands for a few hours, or just keep me company when I’m lonely. Telling them I need that, and relying on them during this time, has been extremely helpful.

Keep an “I already did it” list.
Instead of a “to-do” list for every day, I’ve been writing down things that I accomplish as I do them. Sometimes, it’s something as little as making my bed. But it helps me focus on victories instead of what went wrong each day. With my pregnancy hormones raging, it’s easy to look at few difficult moments and feel defeated. Writing down what I’ve done keeps things in perspective.

Finally, and most importantly, Pray for God’s peace.
Right before Jason left on Thursday night, he knelt beside our bed, tucked me in, and prayed that God would watch over me and give me peace while he was gone. I am so glad he did that. I can honestly say that I’ve been more at peace during this past few days than I usually am when Jason is gone. I haven’t been paranoid that I forgot to lock the doors. I haven’t cried myself to sleep. I haven’t had to leave the living room light on all night. I haven’t been worrying about whether or not Caleb will sleep through the night. I am simply trusting God to take care of us. And he is. He’s faithful like that.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27


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