Holding on

Last night, at my in-laws house, we watched old family movies. It was so much fun to see Jason and my brothers- and sisters-in-law years before I met any of them. You should have seen the hair. And the sweaters – oh my word. It was hilarious!

I also got to see videos of my oldest niece and nephew (now 11 and 14, respectively) when they were just babies. I missed all those young years, not having known Jason yet, and it was neat to see the resemblance between my nephew and Caleb.

Speaking of my sweet boy, this is a family video of him.


I filmed this about three weeks ago. I already love watching it over and over again, and it just happened. I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be to have this record of his life when he is 14.

And I know those years will fly by all too fast. So while he’s little, and this week while our family is here especially, I’m trying to soak up every moment, and hold on to these days before they’re gone.

Because before long, I’ll be watching old family videos, reminiscing about what it was like when my children were small. And maybe laughing at my hair and clothes, too.


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