From Pinterest to real life: Halloween Costumes

I love being on Pinterest. It gives me something to do at 3 in the morning when I’m nursing Garrett and there are no Facebook updates because everyone else in the world is asleep.

It’s given me tons of great ideas, but as Rachel pointed out, it’s better to have one good idea that you follow through on than 10 that just sit there and make you wistful or discontent.

I’m trying to make sure that the things I pin are things I could use, especially in the board of things to make for my boys. If don’t actually make them, what’s the point of saving the idea?

With Halloween coming up, I focused on making the boys’ costumes for our church’s Wild West Carnival. Caleb will be going as Batman, a decision I made when I found a Batman t-shirt clearanced to $3.00 at Old Navy this summer. So when I found this cape, I knew I had to make one to complete his costume.

It took me 5 minutes to make a cape out of an old black t-shirt. I didn’t make a fastener for the neck; I just left the collar of the shirt in tact. If this cape only lasts one night, fine. I can make a dozen more for him to play in with no trouble.

Here is the finished result:

It’s kind of hard to see the cape in this picture, but this was as still as I could get my busy little boy to be for a picture. All the rest are just a blur of motion!

As far as the other baby goes, when I saw this sock monkey hat, I decided Garrett had to have one. I was going to just buy it until I found out that most sock monkey hats retail for $30.00 or more. That is not really in our budget for an accessory, no matter how cute it is.

So I decided I’d figure out how to make one. I googled “crocheted baby hats” and followed some of the instructions I found. It took some trial and error, deciding which stitch to use, and how many rows of each color I needed, how big to make the ears and mouth, and where to put them. I can’t tell you exactly how I finally made the hat. But I’m happy with how it turned out.

Isn’t my sock monkey baby just the cutest thing?

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