Giving thanks

I’ve been seeing all the thankfulness posts on Facebook, and given that Thanksgiving is this week, I’ve given some thought to what makes me thankful. But I’ve been giving that word “thanks-giving” a lot of too, and I think it would be appropriate, during this season to literally give thanks to those who deserve it. In light of that:

Thank you, Jason, for loving me so well and so deeply. Thank you for our beautiful home and for making me a mother to the sweetest boys I’ve ever known. Thank you for filling our house with laughter and teaching me about NASCAR. Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you, mom and dad, for raising me to serve the Lord. Thank you for not giving me everything I wanted. Thank you for disciplining me when I disobeyed. Thank you gor raising me to believe I could do anything I set my mind to do. Thank you giving me a sister. Thank you for taking us on road trips, and for not losing your minds after spending 12 hour days in the car with two small children.

Thank you, Katie, for being my friend for 23 years. Thank you for agreeing not to tell mom after we’d had a big fight. Thank you for dancing to Usher with me at that store in California. Thank you for not killing me when I borrowed your clothes. Thank you for sharing your room with me when Jocelyn lived with us. Thank you for teaching me to order my caramel macchiato “upside down.”

Thank you, Jason’s family, for raising him to be a man who serves the Lord. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your family and making me feel like as much a daughter, sister, and aunt as those who’ve been around a lot longer than me. Thank you for delicious dinners, fun late nights of playing cards and delightful memories.

Thank you, moms of Life360 church, for being my friends. Thank you for reminding me that every difficult challenge is only a season, and something that countless other moms have already survived. Thank you for not rolling your eyes when I learn something the hard way that you already knew. Thank you for letting your children be the kind of godly friends my boys need.

And most of all, thank you Jesus for all these things. I know that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows,” (James 1:!7), and that I would have none of these things if not for you.


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