The cat’s out of the bag, I guess.

Proverbially speaking, that is. We don’t actually have a cat. If we did, our dog Lenny would probably eat it. Or accidentally step on it. Or just hold it in his mouth until he came up with something better to do, like he does with toads he finds in our yard.

But I digress. What I’m trying to say is, our secret is out.

If you don’t go to our church, or you weren’t there this morning, you may not know this yet, but we announced to the congregation today that Jason and I will be stepping down from youth ministry to pursue the launch of a Life360 Church site in Ozark.

This morning’s service was bittersweet for us. I started volunteering with the youth group in 2004, before Jason was hired in July 2006. Since we don’t have a very large senior class this year, just about everyone in the group who grew up at Park Crest has never had another youth pastor.

I still remember when my first youth pastor announced he was leaving. I was sad. It was hard for me. I didn’t realize, until today, how hard that moment must have been for him. As we begin to close the chapter on the youth ministry phase of our life, our hearts are heavy for our kids.

But it is with great joy that we look forward to the future.

Our hearts have been stirring with the conviction that God had something new and different for us for quite awhile, and all the time, he’s been gently nudging us toward two things we never imagined we’d do – adult ministry and church planting.

Following the Lord in faith when we had no idea what the future held was quite an adventure. It kept us humble and on our knees, desperate to hear from God. The future will be no less an adventure, I’m sure, as we head into uncharted (for us) territory, in obedience and with faith.

We are unbelievably excited about what the Lord is choosing to do through us.

Also, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for us, our leaders, and the church as we move forward.

If you’d like information about the church, you can check out our website or like us on Facebook. Stay posted for more updates in the months to come!


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