Ten things about taking care of my babies today

1. The older Garrett gets the harder it is to distinguish his cries from his brother’s. Which means I have to strain my ears, trying to wake up enough to discern whether I, the one with the milk, must get up, or if I can nudge Jason to take care of it. This whole I-take-the-nursing-baby, you-take-the-other-one thing worked out pretty well for me when Caleb was having some sleepless nights. But when Garrett wakes up in the middle of the night needing to be fed, I always feel like I’ve gotten the raw end of the deal, as if somehow it’s Jason’s fault that I am lactating and he is is not.

2. There is a muscle, somewhere near my left shoulder, that is apparently responsible for the brunt of Garrett’s weight as I carry him around the house all day. It has been especially sore lately.

3. We have yet to purchase diapers for Garrett. We have extremely generous friends and family, for which I am thankful.

4. For some reason, the cereal in the box is always more exciting to Caleb than the cereal on his tray. No matter how many times I pour out a few more pieces on to his tray to show him that the cereal he already has is, in fact, identical to what still remains in the box, he is not convinced, nor can he be prevailed upon to eat what I’ve poured out for him.

5. There is nothing in the world nicer than holding a sleeping child.

6. I hope crayons are fully edible. Not because I have any interest in eating them, but because Caleb has, I’m sure, consumed quite a bit of crayon wax when I was not looking this week.

7. Caleb thinks nail files should be dipped in coffee. I think this is gross on two accounts. I don’t want microscopic nail bits in my coffee, nor do I want drippy coffee all over my nice nail files.

8. At least for the time being, Jeopardy holds my boys’ attention for much longer than cartoons. I hope that’s a good sign of their future brilliance.

9. I’m pretty sure that the toys are reproducing in the recesses of our toy boxes. This seems highly inappropriate to me.

10. I love my boys!

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