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That’s not fair!

Sometimes I have elaborate fantasies about the brilliant parent I’m going to be tomorrow. I lie awake at night envisioning chore charts for jobs my kids can’t even say yet, let alone complete.

Other times I drift off scripting scenes in which I wax eloquently about the whys and wherefores of a certain rule, explaining the scriptural basis behind it with metaphors that align perfectly with my children’s stage of development.

Or there’s the one where I picture myself picking the boys up from school when one or both of them has had a bad day. They pour out their hearts to their listening mom who offers sage advice all the way to the house, where the discussion is continued over the warm chocolate chip cookies that were waiting for us.

I say all that to preface you on the type of mood I was in when I was doing my devotions one day last week. I came across this verse in my daily reading, and immediately thought of parental applications:

“It is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering.” 1 Peter 2:19

Kids are always complaining about things being unfair, right?

Someday when the boys do, I’ll quote this verse to them. Or maybe I’ll have them write it down. I even imagined them becoming so familiar with it that someday they’d say, “that’s not fair,” and I’ll say, “1 Peter 2:19,” and that will be the end of the discussion.

See what I mean? I’m going to be a fabulous mom in about five years.

So anyway, later that same day, Jason called to tell me that he had lunch plans at one of our favorite sandwich shops downtown.

After we hung up, I pictured him lingering over a gourmet Ruben or fancy panini, enjoying adult conversation without anyone poking him, or yelling at him, or wiping boogers on his pants. And as I sat at our table, hurrying to eat microwaved leftoevrs, that sneaky, selfish, fleshy part of my mind whispered, “that’s not fair!”

And ever so gently, as if it had been written just for me, the Holy Spirit whispered back, “1 Peter 2:19.”

I guess it’s a good thing I still have five more years to become that brilliant mom who lives in my fantasies.


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