News from the church planting front

If you’ve noticed I have been absent from the blogging world the few weeks (although you probably haven’t) it’s because we are a little bit busy with this other adventure that people usually refer to as “church planting.” Church planting is a little bit like having a baby. And opening a day care center. And renovating your home. And producing a high-tech musical with complicated light and sound effects.

Yeah. That’s what it’s like.

So if you’re wondering what we’ve been doing since we stepped down from the Park Crest campus in May, we’ve been painting, and buying toys, and hanging lights, and browsing curriculum, and rearranging furniture, and advertising, and scrubbing toilets, and setting up check-in computers,and joining the chamber of commerce, and assembling giving stations, and mapping out volunteer schedules, and balancing budgets.

When I say “we,” of course, I mostly mean Jason. But as a married couple, we’re one, so I feel comfortable claiming those accomplishments for myself by proxy.

But all joking aside, there’s one thing we have both been doing a lot of and that is praying. We pray daily for our church, for our city, for ourselves, for wisdom, for provision, and mostly that God would be glorified no matter whether what happens with our church plant meets our expectations or not.

The road to this point has been a long one for me and Jason. We spent lots of late nights praying and talking and trying to discern where God was leading us. We passed the time on road trips asking each other questions like “what does the Bible really say about..?.” or “what if church could be…?”

It’s almost impossible to believe that all those long-awaited dreams are finally about to be realized. But now our launch is just two short weeks away, and we find ourselves feeling more than ready to see them come to fruition.

As launch Sunday draws closer, I thought it would be fun to sort of invite all of you into the conversations Jason and I had that led us to this point. I’ll look at conclusions we came to as we asked ourselves questions like “what is worship?” and “what is church?” and give you a glimpse of what we envision for our church.

So be watching for more posts this week and next week. And also, please keep praying for us. We will be posting a daily prayer focus on Twitter (@Life360Ozark) every day until the launch, and we really covet your prayers!


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