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Do you remember the scene in Beauty and the Beast where the Beast wants to do something special for Belle, but doesn’t know what to get her? Then Lumiere remembers something that piqued her interest in her first days at the castle, and the next thing you know Belle is standing outside a pair of massive doors, waiting for her surprise. I can still hear in my mind the whoosh of the drapes and the ridiculous look on Belle’s face as she turns, eyes closed, toward the sound. But then when she opens her eyes – oh the books! Shelves and shelves of them, wall-to-wall, and floor to the highest ceiling I can imagine.

I fell in love with the Beast all over again every time. (Don’t tell Jason.)

For as long as I can remember, I have loved books. In January, I started a part-time job at our local library, and I love it exactly as much as I expected I would. Working a library is all about putting things in order, which is already a compulsive habit of mine, so I fit right in. Plus it’s quiet, which is nice. (Don’t tell the boys.)

On top of all that, I still get to use the library, and working there, I come across a lot of books I might have otherwise never noticed. Unfortunately my pile of books to read is growing faster than I can put a dent in it. I bring home a stack every week. It’s a good thing I don’t work at the cupcake store.

I’ve been told that someone who aspires to be a writer must do two things: read a lot, and write a lot. I’ve got the reading part down. The writing, on the other hand, seems to be suffering on account of me always having my nose in a book.

So I thought the least I could do is write about reading, that is, share with you some of the titles I’ve particularly enjoyed lately.

Left Behind (Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins)
I set out to read only the trilogy of books these authors wrote as a kind of of “prequel” to their original series, but I got sucked in again, and read the entire collection of 16 books – the trilogy, the original 12, and the postlouge book, Kingdom ComeI read these books when they first came out in the late 90s, and while the technology references are now outdated (how could they have predicted the iPhone?), I found the books no less enjoyable this time around.

One Thousand Gifts (Ann Voskamp)
If you haven’t read this book yet, run to your local bookstore and buy it right now. It will change the way you look at everything in your life, from the smallest joys and ordinary day, to how God could be present in the deepest, most heart-wrenching of tragedies. And buy a box of kleenex while you’re out. Just trust me.

The Screwtape Letters (C. S. Lewis)
This was another re-read for me, but I just love this book. Plus, I have the gorgeous, old, hard-bound copy of it that Jason picked up for me at a used bookstore a few years ago, which made reading it again all that much more special.

Divergent (Veronica Roth)
If you liked The Hunger Games, you will probably like this book. I just finished it a few days ago and am hoping to read the sequel soon.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess (Jen Hatmaker)
Warning: you might not want to read this book if you already have minimalist tendencies. You will be tempted to sell everything you own and go live in a yurt.

Freight Train (Donald Crews)
Okay, this is kid’s book, and not a new one, but we just discovered it recently, and Caleb loves it. I read it several times a day. We are also knee-deep in stories about the 3 little pigs (including various satires), so if we hang out with you, please don’t bring up pigs, wolves, or straw houses, because chances are, I just got Caleb to stop talking about it 5 minutes ago.

Anyway, that’s what I’m loving right now. For a more comprehensive list of what I’m reading, you can always check out my Pinterest board. Happy reading!

Photo credit: aspiringsuperwoman


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