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Links: Deep stuff I’ve been pondering this week

It’s been interesting around here lately. I feel like I’ve hardly seen my children at all in days – as they’ve been with babysitters, or sick, or sleeping much of the last week in a half. But I’ve spent a lot of time with Jesus. The TV has stayed off. The music has stayed on. The books that seemed urgent a couple of weeks ago are starting to gather dust on my bookcase, and I find myself instead turning to the deep stuff. Stuff that makes me ponder. Stuff that echoes hardship. Real life stuff.

The article about why more intellectuals aren’t believers from Relevant Magazine is eye-opening. What if we just started acting like the truth is big enough to handle all our questions?

I was blown away by the authenticity with which Shana (of Ain’t No Mom Jeans) has shared about her battle with breast cancer. At Some Point, All of the Joking Stops explains what it was like on her first dose of chemo. And somehow, despite the fact that she’s facing way bigger giants than I am or ever have, it seems like she is the one who is offering encouragement. Simply amazing.

This morning, I came across a post on (in)courage entitled Bread, Water, and Rest that uses the story of Elijah in the wilderness as an illustration. Jason and I have long been fans of that story, and it’s relatable, because ministry can be that difficult at times. But that difficult season led to Elijah seeing God.

In which we can only testify by our absence from church by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy spoke to me on so many levels. As a mom, as a church planter, as someone who yearns for authentic Christian community… and it made me want to be better at all those things.

Finally, my dad started a blog a couple of weeks ago. He’s a thinker. It’s awesome stuff.

So that’s what I’ve been reading. I’ve been writing a lot too. More on that soon.


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