So thankful



I am so tremendously thankful this year.


I am thankful for the promises contained in the pages of my Bible, a book that has been translated into a language I can read, and which I’m not prevented from studying because of my gender or socioeconomic status.


I’m thankful for a warm and comfortable home that is full of love.

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I’m thankful for family who live close enough for us all to gather around the same table and share a meal together.



I’m thankful for my two sweet boys and joy that they bring to me.

On Thursday, I had the honor of hosting Thanksgiving at my house. It was a small gathering – just eight of us – but we ate a lot of great food and lingered in each other’s company. I tried a lot of new recipes this year, and they were all fantastic. Here’s what we ate:

Dry-brined turkey
My great-grandma’s cornbread dressing
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Dinner rolls

My mother-in-law brought pecan pie and salad. My mom brought pumpkin pie and chex mix. After the boys went down for their nap, we brewed some coffee, cut some generous slices of pie, and sat down at the table again. We shared memories and laughter, snuggled on the big couch, and played games late into the night. It was everything a holiday should be, and the perfect way to usher in Advent, as we begin to ponder and wonder anew at the mystery of Christ’s coming in the flesh to our broken, imperfect world.

Happy Thanksgiving!



One thought on “So thankful

  1. You are a wonderful daughter, a terrific cook and an amazing mom. I am so thankful for you and your little family. Love to you all….

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