Meet Captain Pete

About six months ago, one of the sweet ladies in our church had some kittens she was trying to get rid of. We were really tempted to get one, but it was going into winter, and we knew we’d have to keep the cat outside because of Jason’s allergies, and it just did not seem like the right time.

But we knew if this same cat ever had another litter, we would be interested. She’s a barn cat, who lives on a farm just south of town, so her babies were used to being outside, and they were also used to being handled by small children – Craig and Fay have something like seventeen grandchildren (don’t quote me on that number though – it keeps changing, and it’s hard to keep up!).

So a couple of weeks ago, I was trolling Facebook, when I saw kitty pictures. “Jason,” I said casually, “Fay’s cat had another litter of kittens.” He looked at me, but without much enthusiasm, and then went back to whatever he was doing on his phone. I thought that was the end of it. But a few minutes later, I heard him say, “Oh, she has a yellow one! I’m in trouble.”


And we were.

Fay sent us some more pictures, and we talked about it, and decided to pay the cat a visit. We took our kids out the farm last Tuesday, where all four of promptly fell in love with an outgoing, snuggly tabby kitten. We asked our kids what they thought about bringing the kitty home, and they were all for it.


So yesterday, Jason and I went and picked him up from the farm, and brought him home.

While Jason and I had some name ideas, we thought it would be fun to see if the kids could come up with any. We were blown away by Caleb’s quick creativity – he spouted off three adorable names right away: Captain Pete, Marshmallow, and Mike (like that show you like Daddy, “Mike and Mike”). The hard part has been convincing him to narrow down the list to just one. Even as late as yesterday afternoon, he was convinced that we could each call the cat something different and that it wouldn’t be confusing.


But we finally talked him around, and we decided as a family, after much deliberation, to call our sweet kitty Captain Pete.

It’s hard to get to know a cat’s personality in just a few hours, but it seems as though Captain Pete is going to be adventurous and playful, but also very sweet and loving. We are excited to have him as a part of our family!



2 thoughts on “Meet Captain Pete

  1. Our first cat growing up was a yellow cat, so that’s why the yellow cat go my attention. Now you know the rest of the story.

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