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How Worshipping God Can Carry You Through Your Darkest Hour


Tomorrow is the thirteenth anniversary anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Friday is an anniversary that is much less significant to the world but much more significant to those closest to me – it will mark one year since my sister-in-law Brooke died. The one thing – the only thing – that carried us through that season, and that will carry us through this weekend as we remember her, is the tangible presence of God in our lives, something that is felt most profoundly, in my limited experience, when we begin to take our eyes off of ourselves and lift them to our glorious Lord.

I’m over on The Grace Mask today sharing about how worshipping God gave us strength during those dark days, and gives us strength still:

“True worship doesn’t happen only when life is going well and things are happy and easy. True worship recognizes that no matter what we face, God still sits on the throne of the universe and is worthy of honor and glory and praise.”

Head over to The Grace Mask to read the rest.


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