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Serving God & Others When it’s Hard

Baby dedication

Sometimes serving God looks and feels super spiritual and important. Like getting to pray for a baby at his dedication in front of the entire congregation.

But most of the time, serving God is more quiet, more humble, and a whole lot less exciting. Sometimes it looks like scrubbing toilets or wiping bottoms. Sometimes it looks like crying alone in the bathroom because the work is falling to you, and only you, yet again. And sometimes it looks getting up from the meal and washing dirty feet of people who are beneath you.

I’m over at The Grace Mask today sharing about the spiritual discipline of service, and how hard I find it sometimes.

The wonderful thing about a lot of the disciplines, to me, is that they are mostly between me and God.

Prayer, worship, meditation, study, fasting – I can do all of those things by myself, for my own personal relationship with my beloved Savior. And if those were the only disciplines of a full and abundant Christian life, I could probably convince myself that I could do this thing on my own, just me and Jesus.

Then service steps in and reminds me that no matter how much I pray and study and worship in my own private time with God, that those things alone will not make me mature in Christ. That no matter how much I love Jesus, that if I don’t love others, I’ve missed a huge chunk of the gospel….

Head here to read the rest.


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