About This Blog

“Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.”
-1 Corinthians 11:1

This sure seems like an arrogant thing for Paul to say, doesn’t it? Granted, the context of this verse is talking very specifically about how to navigate the sensitive issue of eating meat sacrificed to idols, but I think we can draw the conclusion from the rest of Paul’s writing that this was pretty much his general attitude about serving God.

He says in another letter, “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me—put in to practice” (Philippians 4:9). Again, to our modern, individualistic sensibilities, this seems like a pretty arrogant thing to say, right? We would be much more likely to say, “You do you,” not, “You do exactly as I do.”

But Paul said it. He intentionally positioned himself as someone the church could look to as example. And I believe it is the responsibility of every believer to be actively following Jesus to the point where we can truthfully echo these words of Paul to those around us. “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

This is scary territory. I get that. It’s hard for me to imagine myself ever saying these words out loud.

And yet, just like Paul, we often position ourselves in such a way that we expect others to look to us and follow us. I know I’ve done it. It is what I did when I opened an Instagram account. And when I started leading a small group. And it is most definitely what I did when I became a parent.


If for no one else, I am committed to following Jesus in an exemplary way for the two little people who call me “Mom.”

I bet you, too, have at least one person in your life who needs to be able to follow you as you follow Jesus, whether it’s one of your friends, your Sunday School class, or the people under your own roof.

This blog is here to help you do that.

Here are some things you can expect to find here:

  • Encouragement for living out your faith in your daily life
  • Ideas for how to create a strong culture of faith in your home
  • Practical teaching about church traditions and what the Bible really says
  • Real examples of what following Jesus looks like
  • Resources to help you teach your kids about the Bible
  • Vulnerable honesty about how I’m still growing in my own faith

I’m so glad that you’re here, friend, and I could not be more excited about this journey we are on together as we seek to be “conformed to the likeness of [the] Son” (Romans 8:29). I sincerely hope that you will stick around for a little bit, and that in some way, big or small, my example will encourage you in following Jesus, because all of it, always, is all for Him.